Hi all my techi friends and welcome to our website, where we have the luxury of engaging in conversations with smart people.


We all love data science, and believe knowledge should be shared eagerly and free of SEO, marketing and academic scooping considerations. 


We try our best to provide you with the information you need, when you need it, and in a form that is the most convenient for you. 


We aim to assist junior data scientists taking their first steps in the industry, experts who are looking to widen their skill set or collaborate with others, perhaps we can help you in your search for a co-founder for your  next promising startup, who knows? 


This platform is dedicated for practitioners to  wear their skills proudly and more importantly embrace the lack of them in order to learn and grow. 


We invest a lot of resources into sharing knowledge and assisting each other; I trust many of you will follow us in doing the same.

You will find posts sharing ideas in a nutshell along side in-depth manuals. You will also find fellows who will guide you in the right direction as to which of them to use and where to utilize your new skills.


The challenge is great, and we are a few very busy individuals. You are very welcome to give us a hand. Feel free to contact us.

Data science – where to start

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinRedditVK Hi all, we are getting a lot of calls and questions from talented people wondering how they can become a data scientist. And

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