About me

My name is Shai Tal, I am a MSc (computer science) student in Bar Ilan (Israel), focused mainly on data science and deep learning, especially computer vision and Siamese networks. A large part of my academic work is devoted for utilizing concepts that were high end research, and were not “usage friendly” while making them more “data science” ready.


These days I am tackling the triplet loss siamese network, first introduced in FaceNet, in fields other than facial recognition, after a long, therefore implementing the relevant triplet selection strategies, that are vaguely available as notions, You can see it on my github, and more than welcome to contribute.


Professionally I am the active machine learning tech-lead for Tikal knowledge in Israel, our day to day is focused on helping companies make dreams come true, we have the experts you need, and they are ready, able and willing to help you create the projects you are committed to, fast, clean and with a smile.


My favorite tech stack is Python, I am also familiar with R, SQL, and some Java, C, C++ and Javascript, My micro process framework of choice is Flask, I tend to use docker for deployment, When in need for a cloud provider, I tend to use AWS (ec2, emr, s3), And my OS weapon of choice is without hesitation Ubuntu.


If you have any question about my area of expertise, or would like to collaborate, don’t hesitate getting in touch.