About me

My name is Shai Tal, AKA thebeancounter.

These days most of my time is devoted to helping startups tackle the challenge of getting a working product that needs AI, I also help excisting companies with working products to make those smarter.

I am also an active AI (computer science) researcher in Bar Ilan (Israel), focused mainly on data science and deep learning, especially computer vision and Siamese networks.

A large part of my academic work is devoted to utilizing high-end research tools, and making them more user friendly and data science ready.

My favorite tech stack is Python, I am also familiar with R, SQL,  some Java, Javascript ,C, C++. When it comes to deployment, I use Flask and docker, and when deploying to the cloud AWS (EC2, emr, S3) 

If you have any question about my area of expertise, or would like to collaborate, don’t hesitate getting in touch.